You Have A Dream Of A Perfect, Stress-Free Test Day

Thomas Parrotte - June 16, 2020

The Dream

You can see yourself enter the lecture hall, standing tall.  Everyone around you is in a panic, but not you.  You studied everything that was important.  You made sure you’d remember it all today. You are 100% ready for this test, and it took less time than you ever could have imagined.  For the first time ever, you never felt lost or overwhelmed when you studied.  Now, on test day, you feel in control of your grade for the first time ever.

In this rest of this article, we’re going to walk you through the 8 stepping stones that will remove your stress before your next test.

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Be honest about where you are in your hardest classes. Are you completely lost, very behind, a little behind, or barely keeping up?  It is okay!  Honesty will let you focus your time and work exactly where it is needed most.

Stepping Stone 1

Decide to follow a plan for how you will study. This plan should guarantee you will gradually get from where you are now to being 100% ready for the test so you can earn an A grade.

Stepping Stone 2

Streamline your study by focusing on what’s most important and what you don’t understand.  Make one list for each class of everything you know you need to study before the test.

Stepping Stone 3

One at a time, from the oldest to the newest, work on each topic on your list and do whatever it takes to understand it right now and make any notes you need to review later to make sure you still know it.  

Stepping Stone 5

One at a time, study each of those until you know them and note anything you need to review again.

Stepping Stone 6

The evening before test day, review your special notes you wanted to re-check and verify you still know it all. Anything that you’re not confident about right now needs more attention right now.

Stepping Stone 7

Get to bed early.  Rest up.  It matters.

Stepping Stone 8

On test day, have a glass of water and review your special notes that you need to make sure you understand and remember. Leave for class a little early. Before you get there, remind yourself that you’re ready, and not in panic like everyone else might be, because you followed your study plan. Get comfortable in your seat and give your special notes one more review, then put away your study materials before class starts and realize that you’re a little anxious, and that’s okay because this test matters to you and you’re ready! Take a few deep breaths and smile.

Other side of the river

You did it!  You followed the path and got an A!  You won test day!  Your study machine worked!  Your plan was perfect!  You’ve got grades you’re proud of and can build on your knowledge next semester too!  Congratulations on making your dream come true!

About the Author

Thomas Parrotte is a co-founder of Glue. He's spent the last 14 years helping students improve their grades.