The college dropout crises is growing everyday

40% students never graduate,
60% do not graduate in 4 years*

*data from the National Center for Education Statistics

We're on a mission to make sure every student graduates with the degree that they have invested their time, energy and money in obtaining.

Glue does the hard work, so you can take control of your learning and make sure you don't become a statistic with lower employment opportunities throughout your career.

Meet the team leading Glue

Geoff Thomas

Co-Founder & CEO

As CEO of Glue, Geoff is dedicated to the success of each and every person who subscribes. Geoff began working on helping students learn 16 years ago, as a college student himself. A self-described sloppy note-taker, he just wanted a more effective way to prepare for tests. Realizing that almost every student can benefit from a better learning experience and have a more successful time gradating college and beginning their dream job. When Geoff isn't working to bring the ultimate experience to students, you'll be able to find him enjoying a long run around local parks.

Thomas Parrotte

Co-Founder & COO

Thomas joined Geoff on his journey before it even began. An entrepreneur from the beginning, Thomas began his business career in middle school selling Gel Pens. In high school, he started a business selling companies technology installation and support. Meeting in high school, Thomas and Geoff realized that they can partner up and make many peoples' lives better. His Glue goal is to make sure that everyone on Earth lives up to the fullest potential and never has to settle because they are missing some knowledge.

Larry Pilsbury

Co-Founder & CMO

"Mr. Wikipedia" With over a decade of mastering the ins and outs of everything that college students are expected to know, Larry understands how the material for each class should be organized for maximum learning. This makes it almost impossible to stump Larry with a question about a fact or piece of knowledge. His straightforward and diplomatic disposition makes him the perfect person to trust with all your learning needs. 

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