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Does my teacher allow this service?

There are about 1.5 million professors in the US. Every teacher we have spoken to has allowed this in their class, and most believe it helps their students learn more effectively. Teachers only ask they you respect them, and their classes. They want you to learn and analyze, rather than solely just be able to spout facts. Make sure you are doing the work you need to succeed.

How can I cancel my Paid Membership?

Canceling is easy. If you signed up through the website, just login, go to your settings page, click on your membership, and then click "cancel membership," and then verify you wish to cancel. If you signed up through the App Store, head to your settings app, click on your Apple ID at the top, click on subscriptions, tap on the Glue Membership subscription, and tap cancel. For Google Play, open the Play Store App, tap Menu, then Subscriptions, select the Glue Subscription, and then Cancel. You can reactivate your paid subscription at any time.

Can I search for information in Glue?

Search is one of the most used features on Glue. Whether you get stuck completing an assignment, or are trying to remember something you wanted to learn, just search with Glue.

What's your Academic Integrity Policy?

Here, at Glue, we take academic integrity very seriously. Our mission is to support our users become better students, and succeed in their classes. To do this, it is important that they put in the work to become successful. Looking up answers and copying and pasting will not do you any favors. The point is to understand concepts, and learn how everything integrates together, so you are able to make decisions, and apply the knowledge to get the right answers.

We work very hard on making sure the content on our service meets all reasonable expectations of academic integrity. We remove any content that is blatantly plagiarized, answer-keys to exams, and any other content that is inappropriate to the success of our service, and the success of our users. If you find content that doesn't meet the standards outlined here, just email us: Report Content and we'll review the material, and remove it, if it violates standards.

Our service is here for you and your fellow classmates. By using a collaborative approach, you can reap the rewards of having all the information you need to improve right in your smartphone. We ask that you avoid submitting test answer-keys, homework answers, former essays, or any other materials, other than notes that would just allow a "copy and paste" approach to coursework.

Together, we can improve how you take notes and prepare. We work closely with the schools we launch at to make sure we comply with their policies. If you have questions, just email us: Questions?

Can I see other people's Notes?

Seeing the notes of other students is the best part of Glue. Glue is an open notebook for every student. Our algorithms make it easy by combining the best parts from every students' notes to give you the best set of notes.

I found a bug in the app, how do I report it?

Thank you for being an observant user. We're sorry you had an issue. Just Email the bug here. We'll investigate the bug and get it fixed.