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Glue's mission is to keep college students on track and ready for every important test. When you get behind, start getting overwhelmed by things to do, or begin procrastination, Glue focuses you, and makes sure you learn everything that is important. Thorough, fast and easy, so you save yourself unnecessary stress, earn better grades, and get more right answers.

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"I take pride in making my tests really difficult. All the students who used Glue in my course earned great grades on the final, definitely better grades than those who didn't use Glue."

-USF Professor

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Glue tracks how you learn, so you don't miss unexpected questions on tests, and can be sure you know everything.

Flexible, Digital Notes

Prefer to take notes on pen and paper or typing? We have you cover both ways. The best note-taking experience.

Class Specific Checklists

You'll have full access to the most up-to-date, class-specific information available.



Stuck? Watch content designed to get you unstuck on your exact problem.

Connections With Other Students

Build a knowledge network so you always stay 100% ready for exams.

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"I believe incorporating Glue in the classroom shows pedagogical innovation that helps professors stand out.  Anything for student success!"

- Dean Moez Limayem

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“Helps a lot of kids in big lectures where the teacher can't see if we get it or not, especially freshman year Bio class”

- John M.

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“I love Glue. It shows me exactly what to learn to get the grades I want.”

- usfBull101

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